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“The Cosmic Nightingale”

Written by Mariner Pezza

Music & Lyrics by Cheryl Kemeny

ACT I    



Scene  1           “1930’s Radio Studio”  


Song                “Klaxo Powered Milk” (The Mellow Milktones) 


Song                “My Lucky Star” (Diane Parks)


Scene 2           “Aboard the Spaceship”


Scene 3           “Hunts Peak Observatory”     


Scene 4            “It Turned”


Song                “It Turned” (Leaders of U.S., China & Russia)


Scene 5           “The Street Singer & the Prophetess of Doom”


Song                “Repent Sinner” (Prophetess of Doom, Doomsayers  & Cast)        


Song                “Take Me to the Stars” (Jennifer Parks, Samantha & Amanda)


Song                “Without Me You’re Nothing” (Johnny Dollar & Jennifer Parks)


Scene 6           “Shipboard”


Scene 7           “World Reaction”


Song               “Send Them a Message” (Africans, Indians, British)


Scene 8           “At the U.N.”


Song                “ What Else Could You Have That We Could Possibly Want?” (U. S. President, Indian Advisor, British P.M., Aliens & Cast)






Scene 1            “Take Me To Your Leader!”


Song                “Take Me to Your Leader”   (Jane Castleman)


Scene 2           “The Conspirators”


Song                “This Conversation Never Took Place”  (Italy, Russia, U.S.)


Scene 3           “Control Room”


Scene 4            “Tryouts At the U.N.”


Song                “It’s All Who You Know”  (Girls 1, 2, Amanda, Samantha & Jenn Parks)


Song                “Sing!”  (Jennifer Parks, Amanda & Samantha)


Scene 5           “The Prophetess Plots”


Scene 6           “The Auditions”


Songs              “Ah chechonya”        (Natasha Primakove)

                        “Torna a Surriento”  (Sophia Cabarella)

                        “Macnamara’s Band”  (Rosie O’Leary)

                        “Raw Passion”   (Patty Beecker)

Scene 7           “Central Park”


Song                “If I Could Be The One”  (Jennifer Parks, Amanda & Samantha)


Song               “Finale - Take Me To The Stars!” (Cast)

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