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Crystal Theatre celebrates Matt Chiappetta

Dearest Matt,
We love you and will always remember you…you left us too soon.

Apply For the Matt Chiappetta & George Lombardo Scholarships


The Matt Chiappetta scholarship sponsors a Crystal Theatre student that displays many qualities of Matt's. Past winners have included: Ariana Tsirakidis (2023), Luke Selva (2022), Joseph Derr & Elysia Ring Howell (2020), Sean Tagariello (2019), Sophie O'Hara (2018), Rhianna Ring-Howell (2017), and many more! 

You must fill out the application below prior to your audition. You must include an essay in your application, describing a characteristic you share with Matt Chiappetta. After submitting your application, please see the list and choose from one of the following acting scenes to perform at your audition. An accompanist will be provided.

Matthew’s Performances

George Hirst in "Whistleville"

Captain Cedric in "Land of the Midnight Sun"

Renquist in "Sally the Scourge"

Director and co-writer of "Death in the Roses"

Robin Hood in "Robin Hood"

Rusty in "Mother Holle"

Caz in "Nightmare at Dreamcamp"

Alien 3 (the Accomplisher) in "Cosmic Nightingale"

Perseus in "Perseus, the Dragonslayer"

Andy Dorsey in "Mother Jones"

"Rock the Jukebox"

The Crow in "The Snow Queen"

Juice in "Rat, Juice, and Marmalade"

Grandpere in "Goose Alley Gang"

Waldo the Wolf in "Sleeping Beauty"

Millennium Cabaret

Crystal Theatre Tag Sale soloist

Mrs. Drummond in "Invaders"

"...the heart will go on..."

Thanks for applying for the scholarship! We will be in touch.

Applications are closed for 2023.

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