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Director: Laszlo Balazs

Musical Director: Cheryl Kemeny

Choreographer: Char Fromentin

Winner of the prestigious Moss Hart Award at the New England Theatre Conference in 1996, Cheryl Kemeny’s “Ellis Island” is a perennial favorite at Crystal Theatre…recently expanded and revised to include mainly adults! The heart-rending & inspiring journey of immigrants from across the planet - Italy, Russia, Hungary, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, and the West Indies - are brought to life with a rousing & tuneful score. Once arrived in the “promised land”, the immigrants must run the gauntlet of immigration officers who determine their fitness for entry into the United States. Gender roles, immigration reform, and political asylum are poignantly explored as hope, hardship, and humanity unfold on the hallowed “Island of Hope”. Experience the joys and sorrows of our ancestors in this emotional saga (part one of a series - the third installment, “Whistleville”, was presented last August). Adults play the adults, kids play the kids, and families are encouraged! 

Those interested in auditioning should check out the buttons below for useful information including the show's plot, a character breakdown, a demo recording of Kemeny's score, and a perusal of the script. Please note that the perusal script does not match the character breakdown due to the number of revisions that have been made of this show. The script is for perusal access only. Audition sides are also available below. 

Ellis Island_2024-01.png
A few important notes: 
- Signing up for an audition is not required. Interested performers may simply show up at the door on the day of auditions. 
- Also not required - printing out the sides. Sides will be available at auditions. Those auditioning are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the sides ahead of time.
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