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Up Next in our 2022-2023 Community Season

Spinning Tale-01.png

It is 1907 and Norwalk and South Norwalk are still individual towns, separated by jealousies and resentments which come to a head in a competition between the Norwalk Singing Club and the South Norwalk Singing Society. Enter Irish immigrant, Kate O’Reilly and her friend Zsuzsi who have just witnessed the murder of Kate’s husband, Timothy. They must now hide out from his murderer, Doyle Callaghan, a NYC underworld boss. They travel to South Norwalk where Zsuzsi’s Hungarian family lives. Setting up a hat shop, Kate becomes embroiled in the intrigues of the competing local choruses who use her as bait in order to secure the services of local Italian super-tenor Aldo Salvatore. Romance, comedy, secrets and murder combine in this tale that reveals the lives of Whistleville’s (the Bouton St-Lexington Ave area of South Norwalk) Italian and Hungarian immigrant inhabitants as well as those of the uptown Norwalk establishment. Audition sides and a character list will be available within the next week. 

"Fall under the spell!" A Spinning Tale is a rollicking big musical comedy based on the famous Grimm’s Brothers’ fairytale which ran Off-Broadway for 5 months back in 1990! Written by Cheryl & Alexandrea Kemeny and originally produced by Mariner J. Pezza, the show features a beautiful Miller’s daughter, her exaggerating father, Sidney, and his bumbling Cronies, as well as a greedy, hard-of-hearing King Maximillian, his man-crazy wife, Regina, her gorgeous French ladies-in-waiting, a handsome Prince, a lonely elf with a crazy name and assorted friends from the village of Bam. 

Samantha Frattallone - Rumplestiltskin

Max Helfand - Sidney

Nicole Monahan - Melinda

Matthew Surapine - King Maximillian

Gisella Surapine - Janey

Emily Katz - Queen Regina

Chris Faccenda - Prince Rupert

Claire Kenny - Yvette

Sophie Katz - Musette

Gillian Eckert - Suzette

Laszlo Balazs - The Page

David Jackins - The Drunken Guard

Jessica Febbraio - The Puppet Bird

Christina Van De Water - Snob

Heidi Xethalis - Beatrice

Allie Shapiro - Snob

Laura Sette - Snob

Samantha Tuozzolo - Edwina

Evan Stelly - Bobo

Michael Harris - Henry

John Church - Ralph

Sally Szabo-Lombardo - Helga


Looking ahead: Our 2023-2024 season will feature 9 productions, including world premiere works, staged readings, well-known plays, an opera, our first annual "AdultsforKidz" musical, and a benefit revue.

Past Productions

"Louder than Words" written and directed by David Jackins, November 2022


"The Burning of Norwalk, 1779" written by Mariner Pezza, directed by Cheryl Kemeny, August 2022

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