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Frequently Asked Questions

- Where do we park for drop off and pick-up?

Parking is available on the lot off of Bayview Avenue or Hillside Road, we simply remind you not to park in the parking lot of the condominiums off of Flax Hill Road as they will tow your car.

- What age range is eligible for your show classes?

Our classes are organized by age, with some classes for students as young as 4 years old, and some classes for adults as old as 104! (Really, Cheryl and Alexandrea Kemeny's 97-year-old father performed in the ensemble of our 2014 production of Janos Vitez!)

- How do auditions work?

Everyone who signs up for our classes gets a part, that's a guiding mantra here at Crystal Theatre. We hold auditions on the first or second class in front of the rest of the cast, so each student can see their peers' talent for themselves. We cast students in roles that will feature them and give them opportunities to grow and expand their skills.

- Where can I find my order confirmation for a class sign-up, or for tickets I purchased?

Your order confirmation from OnTheStage (our ticketing partner) or Sawyer (our registration partner) will be sent to whichever email you purchased the tickets. If you need help, please email us at

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