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Tintypes (September 2023)

Directed by Matthew Surapine
Musically directed by Laszlo Balazs

Choreographed by Gillian Eckert

Produced by Laszlo Balazs & Matthew Surapine

Chronicling the growing pains of a nation, Tintypes is a tune-filled panorama; a musical melting pot; the Great American Songbook come to life. It offers snapshots – tintypes, if you will – ­of America in its last Age of Innocence. This Tony-nominated, nostalgic musical revue takes us back to turn-of-the-century America and is a brew of popular songs from 1890 to 1917. The story of these changing times blazes to life in a tuneful, high-spirited brew of popular songs from 1890 to 1917, performed by five archetypes of the period: Anna Held, the beautiful music hall star; Emma Goldman, the notorious socialist; a black, female domestic worker; a Chaplin-esque Russian immigrant; and the outrageous Teddy Roosevelt, the youngest man ever to be elected President of the United States.


CHARLIE CHAPLIN - Matthew Surapine

SUSANNAH - Femi Shabiolegbe

ANNA HELD - Rhianna Ring-Howell

TEDDY ROOSEVELT - James Ring-Howell

EMMA GOLDMAN - Samantha Frattallone

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